On April 22nd, we hear about Earth Day, but what exactly is it? Is it a day we celebrate the Earth? Is it the Earth’s birthday? Well, here’s a bit of a history lesson…



Earth Day marks the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Prior to the birth of this revolutionary day, Americans were pretty much oblivious to the consequences every day industrial utilizations were causing to the environment. 

By the works of concerned governmental officials and young activists, the first Earth Day was a complete awakening to the issue at large and created a stir that no one, no matter political stance, age, gender or religion, could ignore. 

Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as a day of action to change our behaviors and to create laws and policies that ensure environmental changes not only for this generation but for generations to come. 

Now that I’ve summed that up for you…how does kōsei threads™ play a part in this topic?

The talk about climate change has been buzzing for over a decade now. I remember being in 5th grade, watching documentaries about how the world was drastically changing and how Florida would be completely submerged under water within x amount of years. 

To be completely honest, it scared the life out of me! Why was this happening? Why are the polar bears dying? Why were the ice caps melting? 

It just didn’t make sense but it did resonate with me. Years later, though Florida isn’t completely submerged in water yet, I can see why those documentaries were important and how, even though I was in 5th grade, it would change how I viewed the world. 

It’s hard to believe that I, as an individual, can truly make a difference on this planet BUT if I can impact one person then I’ve done my job.

If that one person can impact 3 people, they’ve done their job and if those 3 individuals impact 5 people each? 

Now we have what is called a chain reaction. 


Picture this, I make the decision to completely stop using plastic straws/cups and switch over to reusable ones. One day, I go to my favorite local coffee shop and order an iced chai latte with almond milk (if you ever want to treat ya girl 😍 ) and just whip out my reusable coffee gear. 

The person behind me sees me doing this and the initial impact has already been made. In their minds, they’re already asking themselves, “well, why is she doing that? Why would someone carry cups and straws around? Isn’t that dirty though?”. 

If they’re an extrovert, they might go as far as asking me these questions themselves. If they’re an introvert (where are my socially anxious people at?!), they’re going to Google it. If I made a big enough impact and their Google research was enticing enough, they might go as far as converting as well. 

You’re probably wondering how chai tea lattes and kōsei threads are correlated…well, they’re not BUT the impact is!

Kōsei threads™ sells wholesale packs to resellers and small business owners of secondhand and overstock clothes. Clothes that would have simply led to a landfill somewhere, now have the opportunity to continue their life cycle. 

This is where the impact happens…one box of 20 clothing items is sold to one reseller. This one reseller is now going to sell these 20 items to 20 DIFFERENT PEOPLE anywhere in the world. 

Because we’re human and we love talking about where we purchase our clothes, those 20 people will be spreading the word about secondhand fashion and enticing MORE people to shop pre-loved! 

Of course there are logistics, data, numbers, etc that people will want to see or read about before they can even agree with anything I’ve mentioned within this blog post but I think it’s equally important to just talk about it. 

We live in a very social and technological world and many words can get lost, so having these conversations can create that initial impact. 

PS - Sorry Florida, you might not stand a chance.


Hi! My name is Saddy Almonte and my pronouns are she/her. I am 26 years young and am the Marketing Manager for kōsei threads™. I have a knack for design and a love for writing! I am a part time reseller and live in Philadelphia, PA with my wife and 2 fur babies. #dominican #entrepreneurgoals #thickthrifter 

April 24, 2022 — Saddy Almonte

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