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Brand Partnerships

Clothing is the fastest growing waste stream in the United States. The equivalent of a garbage truck load of clothes is burnt or landfilled every second

Not only is this a massive waste of resources, but clothing releases methane as it degrades in a landfill, which contributes to global warming. 

Helpsy’s mission is to keep clothes out of landfills, because #clothesarenttrash. 

Helpsy Provides

Reuse Solutions

Data & Transparency

Recycling Options

How We Partner With Brands

As one of the largest used clothing collectors in the Northeast, Helpsy is uniquely capable of handling a wide variety of apparel items - in various conditions, styles and categories. We work with apparel, footwear and accessories businesses directly to give their inventory a second life within the secondhand market.

Items We Accept for Reuse and Resale

We accept (and in some cases, purchase):

  • Customer Returns
  • Overstock/Out of Season
  • Retired Rentals
  • Damages
  • Misprints
  • Samples
  • Miscellaneous/Unknown Items
Data & Transparency

When brands partner with Helpsy to divert their end-of-life products from the landfill, we can estimate their positive environmental impact. This data can be shared with internal teams, or in external materials to communicate efforts towards sustainability.

Helpsy also captures data from items collected through our network of bins & thrift store partners. For example, we can give a brand specific information about the condition level of the items their consumers have discarded - which can inform additional R&D and product-level decision making.


For items that are not fit for resale, Helpsy works with brands to recycle their items. We can either recycle the goods that come through our collection network, or the products that the brand provides. Helpsy has a variety of recycling partner solutions, to meet differing brand needs and requirements.

Additional Services

Furthering our commitment to reducing waste and promoting circular practices, Helpsy offers a suite of additional services designed to transform the way fashion brands handle their inventory, including:

  • Returns processing (with condition checks)
  • Product photography for resale
  • Certified downcycling through 3rd party service providers (costs vary) 
  • Charitable fundraising on behalf of the brand

How Do We Get Started?

If you work in the apparel, footwear, or accessories industry and want to learn more, Helpsy can set up a personalized one-on-one session to get you started. We'll work together to create a customized program that meets your specific requirements.

All that's needed from you is to fill out the form below, introducing yourself and your company.

And just like that... You're on the path to a more sustainable future for your company, and planet. We thank you for doing your part🌎

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Our Strategic Partnerships Specialist, Madison Mavis, represented us at this incredible event at the DVF headquarters in New York, and she shared the highlight from Faryl Robin Gilston emphasizing, "Just because business hasn't been done this way doesn't mean it shouldn't be done this way" when discussing sustainability and equity in fashion.
You can find us on WCVB Channel 5 News in an episode of the Chronicle about recycling and reuse of all kinds of materials, including textiles.
Our team was honored to dress six United Nations ambassadors from the European Union Delegation to the United Nations for a sustainable fashion show this week in New York. We’re thrilled to be able to demonstrate that secondhand fashion is fashionable, economical, and environmentally friendly.