Thank you for choosing to source wholesale inventory online through Helpsy Source. Your mindful decision to source secondhand for inventory saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water while preventing apparel from ending up in landfills, all while helping close the loop on textile waste. Our goal is to provide the best source of wholesale inventory for resellers and retailers. We are beyond grateful you’ve chosen us as your source.

It is important to note that many of the items our company sells as inventory are secondhand and have been worn previously by consumers. We believe that clothes should never end up in the trash, and our only competition is a trash can. It is our goal to prevent all clothing from being thrown away, and that mindset is at the core of our business.

Items purchased from Helpsy Source range from brand new with retail tags attached to garments that may be heavily flawed and require repurposing or upcycling into other garments to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

While it is our goal that every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase, we believe that some conditions and styles are subjective, and we are unable to replace or refund items based on subjective issues alone. Please continue reading to see what are normal, expected signs of use and wear on our wholesale inventory, that is not included in our expected 15% flaw rate.

Orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours. Some products take longer to fulfill than others due to a rigorous sort process. You may see packs available online that are listed for sale even if your order has not yet been fulfilled. This does not mean your order won't be filled.

Some packs may take 10-14 business days or longer to ship. This is a normal timeframe and should be expected. Cancellations for delayed fulfillment time are not available prior to 21 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) from date of order.

Any questions or issues regarding the products must be reported within 7 days of delivery. After that time, all sales are final. 

Any questions or issues regarding the products must be reported within 7 days of delivery. After that time, all sales are final.

Miscounts or Variations from Advertised Brands

Our team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to sort, prep, pack & fulfill Helpsy Source orders. Occasionally there are mistakes made out of human error that are a discrepancy in unit count within a box, or a small percentage of brand variances from the advertised brands.

Our team will gladly replace or offer refund/store credit for miscount orders. Please contact our customer care team at regarding missing items from your order.

We appreciate your understanding that we, as humans, have oversight and in the process of sorting and packing, an unadvertised brand may end up in your box. We believe all items should have the chance for a new home, therefore our team does not replace or refund 10-15% brand variances from the advertised brand, with the exception (at our teams discretion) of a brand level/price point being significantly off from what was advertised.

General Condition

All inventory sold by Helpsy Source has been in a retail or warehouse environment prior to being shipped to your door, and this should be kept in mind when placing an order. Items should be expected to show signs of use or wear, even if advertised as NWT. For many items, this does not affect their ability to be resold, but may require small attention to blemishes or cleaning.

Expected blemishes and flaws in secondhand clothing include:

> Pilling

> Makeup on collar

> Missing buttons

> Minor fabric run (silky items)

> Deodorant stains / marks

> Small holes on seams

> Small washable stains

> Pulls

> Dust marks

> Holes in pockets

> Odor (this is subjective)

These blemishes should be expected on all packs, though some items you will be pleasantly surprised to find in perfect condition. A 15% flaw/variance rate (this does not include the above list of expected flaws) may appear in any order.

Secondhand Footwear

Secondhand shoes are sold as is, with expected signs of use and wear. This includes:

> Scuff marks

> Some light dirt/mud

> Creasing

> Rubber band marks

> Signs of wear on outside and inside of shoe

> Wear on the laces

> Samples

> Odor - smell is subjective

Beyond this list of expected condition of our secondhand shoes, please note that up to 15% flaw rate may appear in your order.

Secondhand handbags, wallets and bags are sold on, and should be expected to show signs of wear and use. This includes:

> Pen marks inside

> Hole in the lining

> Light inside debris

> Light scratches/wear on hardware

> Worn out “feet”

> Light wear to corners

> Missing detached strap

> Odor - smell is subjective

Beyond this list of expected condition of our secondhand handbags and wallets, please note that up to 15% flaw rate may appear in your order.

Inventory listed as Brand Samples, NWT or NWOT

Helpsy Source is proud to be a brand partner with many clothing brands as a responsible, end of life partner for customer returns, samples, and overstock or shelf pulls. These items may be listed as New With Tag (NWT), New Without Tag (NWOT) or Brand Samples, and some items should be expected to show signs of being in a retail or warehouse environment. These items may have been tried on either in the retail environment or elsewhere. Expected signs of use/flaws are:

> Makeup stains

> Deodorant marks

> Broken loops

> Missing button(s)

> Missing retail tag / Retagged

> Signs of wear

> Dust or Wrinkles

Items that are brand samples or irregulars may also include:

> Pin hole holes

> Stitching malfunction / jagged irregular patterned or corrective stitching

> Uneven printing/misprint

> Irregularly coated or treated patterns

> Unfinished hems

> Missing size tags/brand tags

> Signs of being altered

Beyond this list of expected signs of use or wear, items in this category may include up to 15% flaw rate.

Vintage Inventory

Vintage items are sold in expected vintage condition, which may include the following:

> Pilling

> Snags

> Stains

> Small Holes

> Moth Holes

> Missing Buttons

> Odor

Our vintage clothing & accessories are meticulously curated by our vintage experts, but many items are naturally in an older, worn condition and this should be considered when purchasing.

RE/GEN Designer Packs

LIGHT FLAW packs are expected to show signs of use and wear, including:

> Rips on seam regardless of size

> Small stains

> Missing buttons

> Signs of wear

> Pulls

HEAVY FLAW packs are expected to show the above, plus:

> Broken zippers

> Shrunken sweaters

> Large holes

> Oil stains from machine

> Holes in fabric - not on seam

> Broken straps

> Large stains

> Peeling of leather and more

Not every piece in Re/gen packs will show these damages, but this is expected wear and tear as these items have been part of an e-commerce clothing rental program and have been heavily worn. Knowledge of repairs, upcycling, repurpose and recycling is necessary for these packs, as they are not ready to list upon delivery.

Damages & Flaws

At Helpsy Source, we understand how busy you are in your small business, however we encourage a timely evaluation of your product when it arrives to verify condition.

Customers have up to seven (7) business days from tracked delivery to inspect orders for defects or unadvertised damages in order to file a case with our customer care team.

If damages or flaws that have not been disclosed in the listing are noted, direct issues to our team via email with proof of issues (images/video are encouraged). Our team will gladly assist with replacement or other resolution.

All RE-GEN packs and Raw Pallets are sold as final sale with the understanding that up to 50% of items may include heavily flawed pieces that require repair, sewing, cleaning, or may be best turned into new items.

Custom Orders

Custom orders placed via draft invoices are sold as described and are not subject to returns or refunds based on subjective issues (style, size, season).


Chargebacks opened on an order that is in the process of a return, exchange or refund will cancel the process and puts the order into negotiation with your financial institution. We are unable to complete a refund with an open chargeback, even if the customer has shipped the product back to our warehouse. If a chargeback is opened during a return/refund process, our team will contact the customer once via email asking that the chargeback be dropped so Helpsy Source can continue with the return process. If no response is receive within five (5) business days from the customer, Helpsy Source will respond to the chargeback through the financial institution with supporting documents. This process may take up to 70 days for a resolution through the customers financial institution and Helpsy Source has no control over this timeframe.

Refunds & Returns

Our entire team believes in rehabbing clothing, finding creative new ways to upcycle, and preventing items from being discarded and trashed. We believe that every single item has a customer, and can be sold regardless of size, niche, style, season or brand.

Subjective issues such as dislike of sizes included, fragrance or odor, trend/style, dislike of duplicates of brands, styles or items, or brand level are not eligible for returns or refunds.

Due to our free US shipping policy, customers wishing to return their order will have the cost of their return label deducted from their issued refund as we are unable to offer free return shipping on any orders.

We encourage our buyers to sell any type of garment, and to branch out of comfort zones to find new markets to sell in.

Items approved for return will be issued a return label which must be used in order for a refund to be issued to the original payment method. Product returned without an approved return label risks refund in store credit only. The RMA form issued with a return must be included or customer risks forfeiting a refund to the original payment method.

Product returned to the Helpsy Source warehouse will be inspected by our team and must be returned in full, in the same condition it was received in. Please allow 5-7 business days for a payment refund to be processed.

Further issues or concerns may be directed to our customer care team via email at

Effective 2/01/22

Updated 12/1/22