Cross-listing with Vendoo can save you hours of time in your already busy life as a small business owner. Here's a handful of tips about why we think using a cross-listing platform such as Vendoo is invaluable.

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You've tried all the other ways to scale your business, why stick to only one sales platform?

Cross-listing. Ugh.

Just the thought of cross-listing is enough to overwhelm even a seasoned reseller. How do you manage all the platforms, input the data they all require, and then keep up with when an item has sold so it doesn't double-sell somewhere else? 

We've all been there.

I clearly remember the first time I dabbled into cross-listing -- I put a handful of items on eBay that I'd already listed on Poshmark and I promised myself I could take down a listing if it sold on the other platform as soon as it was no longer available. This was the worst promise I could make to myself considering how poorly I remember things but my intentions were in the right place.


The exact same item sold within 15 minutes of each other on both platforms, and I was left trying to figure out cancelling which order would less damaging to my seller reputation. This experience quickly put an end to my foray into cross-listing, at least until I came across Vendoo. At the time, Vendoo was a brand new company making waves in the reseller community, and I was eager to try anything that would make my life easier as a reseller. 

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So What's a Reseller to Do?

Here's my pro tip>>

You've tried all the other ways to scale your business, why stick to only one sales platform? Cross-listing your inventory is such a valuable tool for your reselling business, and Vendoo allows you to manage cross-listing with ease. Not only do you extend your audience with more views across multiple platforms, certain items sell more easily on one platform vs another, and having that variety to grow your inventory can be extremely beneficial.

Here's How to Make Cross-Listing Easy.

First, Vendoo is a cross-listing platform that was built by resellers who know the business. The developer team understands what works and what doesn't when it comes to inventory and listings and they have an in-depth knowledge of what each platform requires to work smoothly (I'm talking about eBay product listings here...). They also know just how crucial it is to prevent the same items  from selling on multiple platforms, which is why Vendoo allows you to delist items from all marketplaces once it sells. 

Second, Vendoo makes it so easy to start cross-listing because you can literally import existing items from a marketplace, or list items to all marketplaces at once directly from your dashboard. So if have everything listed on Poshmark, don't worry -- you won't have to copy and paste or create new listings from scratch for eBay. Simply click "Import Your Existing Items" and nearly all the important data will automatically populate into the new form. 

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Third, you can manage all your inventory directly through your Vendoo Dashboard. This is so helpful to monitor sales trends, create custom labels for your products and track internal notes (for example, inventory location of the product). You can also track what is selling best, and monitor how long an item has been listed, so you can easily calculate your sell-through rate.

Cross-listing Vendoo Custom Labels
Cross-listing Vendoo Internal Notes

Finally, one of the features I love the most is Vendoo's integration with SellHound which gives you real-time insight into comps (comparable solds) across multiple e-commerce marketplaces. Simply Click "Price Checker" on your cross-listing product form, and you'll be taken to SellHound's data showing that product's current average sale price, and what the same item is currently listed for across multiple platforms, as well as which marketplace is best for that item. 

Vendoo Cross-listing Integration SellHound

Talk about a game changer.

Ultimately, the value of cross-listing comes down to the fact that one should never limit themselves to one niche, one marketplace or platform, or one method of sales. We've all heard the horror stories of resellers losing access to their accounts, the algorithm changing on a platform and sales dropping etc. Diversifying your platforms is one of the surest ways to scale your business.

If you can list on Poshmark, you can list on eBay. There are so many tutorials about how to win the eBay game and so many people in the reselling community willing to help newcomers, that no one should be scared or overwhelmed by a new platform. 

Fast forward nearly 5 years, I'm no longer a full time reseller but I believe more than ever that to be successful in business, I must use tools available to streamline my life and work.

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of cross-listing for a reseller is keeping track of which items are listed on which marketplaces. The idea of forgetting you cross-listed product and it already being shipped to another buyer can be scary.

Cross-listing will, without a doubt, level up your reselling game, increase sales, and bring more stability to your small business. 

Rachel Forsythe is the Head of Brand at Helpsy. After leaving her career as a registered nurse, she spent 3 1/2 years as a full time reseller on all the platforms before transitioning into marketing and social media. She is passionate about women in business, adult ADHD awareness & gentle parenting. She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband, three kids, one hyperactive dog & one very lazy cat. 

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April 21, 2022 — Rachel Forsythe

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