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Our goal at Helpsy Source is to make your life as a reseller and small business owner significantly easier. We've rounded up a few of our favorite vendors and platforms for resellers that will help you level up and grow your business.

Level up with Live Selling

Join Jamble and Automatically be approved to sell live

Helpsy Source has partnered with Jamble, a new live selling app to give you automatic approval to sell live when you apply and enter code HELPSYSELLER. This new platform has exciting features like automatically syncing with your Poshmark closet so you never risk double selling an item.

Join the Jumble app now!

Your time is valuable

Join Virtual Posh Assistant and lock in a flat rate for life

Sharing your closet on Poshmark is crucial to improving your sales, but it's so time consuming, and bots are against Poshmark's terms. Virtual Posh Assistant is offering Helpsy Source customers a lifetime $40 discount on their monthly Pro sharing plan, making it just $59/month for life when you sign up with code 40OFFFOREVER.

What makes Virtual Posh Assistant different from other sharing services? It truly frees up your time -- you no longer have to babysit a computer or phone screen to monitor a sharing bot, their servers work round the clock, even when you don't have power or internet (storms and power outages got nothing on VPA).

Virtual Posh Assistant keeps you out of share jail by monitoring the speed and frequency your items are shared. Poshmark changed their code and sharing bots don't work? Not with Virtual Posh Assistant! VPA constantly monitors updates and code changes to adjust and make sure you never lose sharing service.

Save time and increase sales with Lock in this flat rate deal of $59/monthly for life today!