It’s fall, which means it’s that time of year when you start to rotate your wardrobe and stock your closet with comfy, warm clothes to wear when the weather becomes chilly. How many times have you glanced at that coat or jacket hanging in your closet that you haven't worn in the last two winters? Or, it's possible that your child outgrew their jacket over the last year, and now it's just taking up room in their closet. Maybe those coats and jackets just aren’t your style anymore…so what do you do with it? Don’t throw it away! 

Project Warmth is our newest initiative here at Helpsy to redistribute coats donated from community coat drives, collected at our bins, and purchased from corporate partners. We want to make sure that it not only stays out of the trash but gets to someone in need this winter.

Helpsy Project Warmth Coat Drive

“You went above and beyond to service our clients… We are so grateful to you and your organization for being a supporter for what we do to service individuals living on the street as well as those living below the poverty line."

Words into action

We recognize that people get rid of their garments for a variety of reasons, and we want to keep them from ending up in the trash when one person is finished with them. Coats are very crucial to get as much usage out of as possible, not only for environmental reasons, but also because so many people do not have this essential item to keep them warm. Project Warmth was created to leverage Helpsy's expertise in clothing rescue to ensure that coats reached those in need.  We have a goal of giving away 50,000 coats this winter so that we could give back to our local communities and service those in need.  

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This fall, we're aiming to give away all 50,000 warm winter coats to men, women and children across the Northeast and have already kicked-off our efforts. The fashion industry creates an astonishing amount of waste, and yet there are so many people in our communities without warm coats. As the harsh Northeastern winters become even more unpredictable because of climate change, it's more important than ever that our communities are well prepared for cold days. Helpsy's Project Warmth aims to ensure that we reach as many people in need as possible and give them access to a warm winter coat. We are providing the coats to local nonprofits and organizing coat drives in cities across the Northeast.

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Project Warmth at Helpsy began as a simple concept

Everyone who needs a coat should have a coat. Warmth Coordinator Jenn Cedeno explains that because Helpsy does business in many of these local communities, the company is committed to giving back in as many meaningful ways as possible. Helpsy is able to help communities at the local level because of its "boots on the ground" approach and the company is "willing to put our hustle where our heart is."

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Project Warmth is so important to us that we've decided to make it even bigger and enlist the partnership of our beloved consumers with a special “Buy One/Give One” opportunity for the entire month of November. Helpsy will donate one coat for every single item purchased on our website! And, if you are a Helpsy Source customer, we will donate 5 coats for every wholesale box purchased. We like to put our hustle where our heart is, and this is just one simple way we can give back. As a certified B Corp, we not only value doing right by the planet, but we also value doing right by the communities in which we do business.

This country does not suffer from a shortage of clothing; rather, we need assistance in distributing the excess and finding a new home to those who can make the most use of it. Throughout the fall and winter, these coats will be donated to dozens of nonprofit groups throughout the Northeast. Our Warmth Coordinator and team work tirelessly to find organizations in need of jackets and coats for their communities, and the Helpsy logistical network gets to work transporting those coats. Already this fall, Project Warmth has distributed nearly 10,000 coats to our partners at coat drives and community service days, such as HSH Outreach in Paterson, New Jersey.

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“You went above and beyond to service our clients... We are so grateful to you and your organization for being a supporter of what we do to serve individuals living on the street as well as those living below the poverty line. With your help, we were able to serve 278 individuals, and 190 of them received coats that will keep them warm throughout this winter season.

Our most heartfelt thank you is not enough to truly express how meaningful your donation and time have been. We hope that you enjoyed your time with us, as we love your energy and compassion. It showed how much you love what you do and your care for others.

Again, thank you is not enough for all the support you have provided us, and we truly are thankful for having you as a supporter in all that we do to serve.”

Esperanza Jenkins, Coordinator

HSH Outreach Services Team

Together, we can create a tangible difference for those less fortunate in our communities this winter. Our Buy One, Give One campaign will help provide much needed warmth to thousands of men, women & children across the Northeastern US.

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In order to keep working to bring warmth to families in need this winter, we need your help. During the month of November, will contribute one coat to a person in need through Project Warmth for every item sold on the website, and 5 coats for every box purchased on Helpsy Source

Learn more about Project Warmth and how you can help keep communities in the Northeast warm by hosting a coat drive or donating your gently used outerwear.

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November 01, 2022 — Helpsy Team

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