When things get hectic, it's easy to forget to take a moment to check in with ourselves. National Women's Health Week is when women are reminded that it's OKAY for them to focus on themselves, not just for this week alone but every day. We've noted seven critical elements to keep in mind for your overall wellness.

It's natural for women to put everyone before themselves, which is why I think we often forget to check on ourselves.

Not only do you want to check on your physical health, but your mental health as well. 

Here are some quick tips to remember for your physical health:

  • Make appointments for your annual physical and other health-related appointments.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight - get active! 
  • From the Inside Out, nourish yourself. Consume nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Self-care for your mental health is essential. 

Which gets us to the point of this post. SELF-CARE AND MENTAL HEALTH. 

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"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

-Michelle Obama

Follow These 7 Mental Health Tips ♡


  • Talk to someone. Preferably a professional. Even if you’re in your head about the simplest issue, you will never be able to solve it without talking it over. Once it’s out of your system, I guarantee you you’ll physically feel lighter!
  • Take a screen break. It shouldn’t come as a surprise in this era that technology does have its negative effects on the body; especially on the mental aspect! Even if your job requires you to be on your phone/computer for 10 hours straight, make sure to take breaks periodically from staring at these devices.


  • Try journalingSometimes it’s hard to speak to someone in the heat of the moment or to share how you truly feel in any given situation. I’ve found it extremely helpful to just jot down everything. If it’s an issue that I’m trying to work through, seeing it on paper offers a clearer picture rather than going through the motions in real time. 
    • I suggest using an online journal, that will come up with questions such as "What happened in your day today" - it helps bring up thoughts and feelings you didn't know you wanted (or needed) to talk about.
  • Feel the feels! You don’t have to put on this strong front 24/7! Allow yourself to be sad or angry or even happy! Coming from someone that’s very emotional, crying (as contradictory as it may sound) actually offers a sense of relief. If you accept your feelings as they come then you won’t allow them to fester…and that’s much more dangerous/harder to overcome.


  • Prioritize your bodyDrink water, get your beauty sleep, go for a walk, do whatever it takes to get your body to feel good because if you physically feel good then your brain will catch up. Even if you don’t have enough time or energy after a long work day, just stand outside like a flower and soak up some Vitamin D!


  • Learn to let go. This can be one of the hardest things that people encounter because sometimes you can’t help being in the environment that you’re in. I’m specifically targeting letting go of people that are simply toxic and only add negativity to your life. This can easily be friends, coworkers or even family members! The people you keep around you play such a huge part in the outcome of your life…so choose your people wisely!
  • Keep up with your space. Nothing feels better than seeing your plants survive because you took the time to nurture them. Not saying you should go out and buy all the plants but I am saying that the space around you has an effect on your day-to-day. If you put no effort into organizing your outer space then it will eventually translate into your inner space.


  • Be mindful. This doesn't mean you have to be religious or spiritual in any specific way, but I’m taking this as taking care of your soul. Being mindful of your beliefs, your desires, your interests and plans. Remind yourself that you are more than your current situation and that you are deserving of happiness.


  • Do things that make you happy. This sounds obvious but honestly the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve forgotten to factor this into my life. It’s important to do the things that make you smile. If singing is your jam, do karaoke periodically. If you like dancing, then gather all the girls and hit up the club! If you like reading, then schedule it into your day! It’s as simple as factoring whatever makes you happy into your schedule.


  • Be around people! No matter how introverted you may be (trust me, I know), we are social creatures. Even if you enjoy being alone, it’s healthy to maintain a social balance. Visit your best friend instead of calling this week or make dinner plans with your favorite cousin. You don’t have to go into the world and speak to every stranger you encounter (please, do not do this. There are crazy people in these streets!) but do create some balance between the amount of time you spend on your own and the amount of time you spend with other people.
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