Vintage & Retro Mixed Professional Sports Wholesale T-Shirts

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NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL Vintage T-shirts Bundle

Expect a good mix of vintage and modern pieces from the 80s-present day. Our Vintage and retro sports t-shirt bundles are among our #1 best sellers. This vintage t-shirt bundle is ideal for vintage clothing resellers looking for exclusive and hard-to-find items at an unbeatable price. Each bundle contains 40 t-shirts from USA professional sports teams. There's no telling what you'll get in the bundle each time you order! You will find both retro and vintage T-shirts in this vintage tee bundle. This mix includes tees from America's most popular sports teams. Find a mix of vintage sports tees, including retro & vintage NBA t-shirts, retro & vintage NFL t-shirts, retro & vintage MLB t-shirts, and retro & vintage NHL t-shirts. We do include some long-sleeve in this mix.

All American Pro Sports Teams Tees
When it comes to making the shot against the buzzer, scoring the goal against all odds, or running for the touchdown in the final seconds on the clock, you can’t stop and think about it - you have to DO IT. We’re also repping all the major teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and popular college teams. We curated a selection of pro sports shirts and sweatshirts with bold graphics on well-kept vintage sports shirts from major brands. There’s history here.
Pro sports clothing will never go out of style as long as football, baseball, hockey, and basketball games are still played on our fields and in our stadiums, including massive sporting events like playoffs, championship games, and tournaments. From the Denver Broncos and Boston Red Sox to the Knicks, Phillies, Cubs, and Cowboys - we love pro-sports and all the teams representing our turf. Get the best of the best with our collection of thrifted tees from decades of sporting events. As Wayne Gretzsky famously said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So get your Thrift Vintage Fashion order in today and score big!


While we do have a strict condition check, you are purchasing a first quality pack that could contain NWT/NWOT, customer returns, or sample items. A first quality pack can include any of the following flaws, which we do not refund/replace for:

- Small, washable stains
- Pilling
- Missing buttons
- Minor fabric runs
- Deodorant marks
- Small holes on the seam
- Makeup marks, such as on collars
- Pulls
- Dust marks
- Wrinkles
- Holes in pockets
- Pet hair

Any damage that is harsher than these conditions we consider a severe damage. If severe damages encompass more than 15% of your total order (in a 40 piece pack, that would be 6 items or more) we offer replacements or refunds. Contact customer service for more information.


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